Producing Rare, Natural Ingredients with Givaudan

Nature creates all kinds of wonderful things that excite our senses: from fragrance and flavor molecules that smell and taste amazing to molecules that make cosmetics and foods have just the right texture. Many of these ingredients are found in very small quantities in the plants and other organisms that produce them. Extracting these valuable ingredients can be costly as well as hard or impractical to scale; they can be subject to supply chain disruptions and are increasingly at risk due to climate change.

Givaudan—the world’s leading flavors, fragrances, and cosmetic ingredients company—has signed a multi-program collaboration with Ginkgo to help address these challenges. Givaudan will leverage our long-established expertise in helping companies develop bio-based products. The goal of the programs will be to produce a number of innovative and sustainable ingredients using fermentation.

Through our work, Givaudan plans to provide a sustainable source of products that are currently only available in minute quantities in nature.

Givaudan will leverage our platform to accelerate the development of new ingredients as well as enhance their existing portfolio. The programs will use the natural world as inspiration to create an expanded creative palette for Givaudan.

We’re excited to work with Givaudan to enhance the palette of ingredients they use to develop their products. We plan to help Givaudan transform even the rarest and most complex nature-inspired ingredients into more sustainable products for consumers. Ginkgo believes that biology has the power to enable better and more sustainable products across many industries: from flavors and fragrances, to pharmaceuticals, to farming, and more.

Allison Haitz, Biotechnology Program Director at Givaudan had this to share about the news: “Givaudan has long prided itself on being a leader in innovation. This collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks is the latest example of our commitment to offering the highest quality, natural products to our customers around the world. We are excited to use biology to unlock more wonders of nature in a sustainable way.”

The collaboration between Ginkgo and Givaudan spans multiple programs, with the possibility of adding more in the future. Companies across numerous industries use Ginkgo’s platform to find more effective, environmentally friendly ways to create products including food ingredients, flavors, cosmetics, medicines, and more. By enabling the design of organisms that can produce valuable biological products, Ginkgo helps accelerate the development of innovative, bio-based solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

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