The End of the Beginning: Ginkgo Goes Public

Last Friday, the Ginkgo team and their families rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange announcing our debut as a publicly traded company under the NYSE ticker DNA, after raising $1.6 billion to accelerate our mission to make biology easier to engineer. You may have seen our vision of a future grown with biology covering Manhattan from Wall Street to Times Square.

Photo Credit: NYSE

But this isn’t just about our vision. What do you see when you think of the future? We want everyone to dream of a better future and then build it using biology. We’re building a platform to make biology easier to engineer, and we’re building it for you.

Ginkgo’s growth supports the entire synthetic biology ecosystem. We couldn’t have reached this point in our journey without the help of an incredible group of partners, investors, and individuals. Regardless of whether you’ve collaborated directly with us or have cheered us on from the sidelines: we’re grateful for your support.

Together, we’re engineering cells to produce essential components for mRNA vaccines to increase their access around the globe. And across the country, we’re supporting schools to safeguard their communities by helping them monitor and limit the spread of COVID-19. Our platform is unlocking access to rare and important molecules found in nature, including compounds from cannabis as well as fragrances and flavors that are difficult to extract in nature. Our platform has even been used to address the ecological challenges in the meat and dairy industry by helping create animal proteins without the need for animals.

But all of this work is just the end of the beginning. Ginkgo will continue to develop an ecosystem that supports a wide diversity of products and dreams. Together, we believe we can grow anything.

If you want to learn more, I recommend reviewing the resources on our website:
Our blog shares exciting new developments and passion projects.
Our investor website also has many resources as you look to understand Ginkgo including several presentations.

The founders and I owe a huge thank you to the Bioworkers, past and present, and their families. Without their time and effort, we would have never made it this far. Thank you for your vision, for making our platform such fertile ground: we’re looking forward to seeing how we can grow together.

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