Dr. Marta Baffy and Dr. Mackenzie Price Discuss Communications

Stemming from a series of conversations about how to make meetings more equitable and ensure that all voices are heard across the company, Ginkgo was honored to have Dr. Marta Baffy and Dr. Mackenzie Price present their research and provide a framework for inclusive communication and tips on how to communicate effectively across varying social norms. Drs Baffy and Price have extensive experience in the field of linguistics and shared key concepts, including where communication norms come from, how we learn to use language, and how we evaluate our own, and other people’s, ways of communicating. 

They shared with the team concepts to be aware of as we communicate across the company, including how people use language to communicate and how they evaluate each other. We discussed the ways leaders and peers could think about who is expected to adapt and accommodate their communications to succeed, and how to assess our own language practices to ensure an equitable flow of communication.

After the presentation, panelists opened the floor for questions and stayed for 45 minutes with Ginkgo team members to discuss strategies and challenges to open, equitable communication across the company.

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