Ginkgo Hosts Society of Underrepresented Biologists Panel

The Society of Underrepresented Biologists and Biological Engineers at MIT (SUBE) aims to empower underrepresented minority students in the biological and bioengineering departments at MIT by furthering their academic, social, and professional prospects and cultivating a community where diversity and inclusion are necessary and appreciated. On April 28th, Ginkgo hosted a panel and networking session featuring three Bioworkers who shared their experiences on the road to Ginkgo, including Beatriz Pacheco, Krithika Vaidyanathan, and Vinita Lukose.

Moderated by MIT student Eileen Tan-Aristy, the panel discussed how their identities shaped their experiences. While reflecting on their experiences, the panelists described how their various identities–including as immigrants, as women, or as people of color–impacted them in ways both negative and positive, that shaped their careers. Importantly, each shared the ways their experiences gave them unique strengths they bring to the field. At the end of the discussion, Eileen opened the floor to questions from students, and the discussion continued, including questions about how students could help increase access for underrepresented students coming behind, as well as what experience or opportunities they should seek out as they start on their professional journeys.

After the panel, students and Bioworkers from across the company spent time in a virtual meeting place to network. We look forward to continuing to build the relationship between SUBE and Ginkgo and hosting more events in the future.

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