Virtual Event: Optimizing RNA Therapeutics

On April 26th, we hosted a webinar to discuss Ginkgo’s RNA Therapeutic Services. These services make RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines easier to engineer. The event highlighted our technologies for circular RNA discovery and production that were further augmented by recent acquisition of Circularis, and a full stack of associated services from early-stage to pre-clinical. The event provided an overview of our biopharmaceutical capabilities and how prospective partners can leverage our services to advance their RNA therapeutic development.

Ginkgo’s RNA services

Our RNA services are a comprehensive solution for RNA therapeutic and vaccines R&D, from RNA sequence discovery to production, purification, LNP packaging and binder elements for targeting specific cell types and tissues.

  • RNA Sequence Discovery: We can screen large sequence spaces to find functional elements needed in a specific therapeutic context. Customers have access to our library of proprietary and unique IRES sequences for controlling gene expression.
  • Circularization: We have proprietary technology for circularizing RNA, which can offer advantages in stability and immunogenicity. We work with a variety of techniques including catalytic introns, hairpin ribozymes, and enzymatic ligation, and can work with linear mRNA as well.
  • Production and Purification: We can deliver circRNA at high yield or at high throughput, as your application demands. High-yield capabilities produce RNA at the milligram scale, suitable for larger pre-clinical studies. Our high-throughput-compatible techniques can generate large numbers of RNA molecules at the microgram scale, suitable for pooled in vitro screening.
  • Packaging and Delivery: We can screen lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) to identify the right packaging for RNA delivery, or engineer binders, such as antibodies, to help LNPs find the correct cell and tissue types.
  • Cell and Tissue Targeting: We can design protein binders, for example antibodies, to target RNA-loaded LNPs to specific cell and tissue types. These capabilities leverage Ginkgo’s established platform for protein design, production and purification.
  • Work with us: From small molecule discovery and manufacturing to biologics, cell and gene therapy, RNA therapeutics and vaccines, and beyond, Ginkgo is your cell engineering partner. Our services enable discovery, optimization, and scale up for a wide range of therapeutics modalities.

RNA as a programmable therapeutic

The central challenge of RNA R&D is dialing in the correct RNA sequence. It isn’t the only challenge — any effective RNA therapy also needs to be packaged, delivered and manufactured before it can reach patients. But RNA programming remains key to it all, as it should be informed by and responsive to the comprehensive needs of the greater RNA R&D program.

Ginkgo’s deep expertise in end-to-end biotech R&D and biological programming enables a fully integrated approach to RNA programming. By providing a full package of services, from sequence discovery to delivery assistance, we can streamline the process and help bring effective RNA-based treatments to patients faster and more efficiently.

Watch the event!

A recording of the Virtual Event, Optimizing RNA Therapeutics, is available here.

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