Virtual Event: AAV Services for Gene Therapy

On May 10 we hosted a webinar to present Ginkgo’s AAV services for gene therapy.

These services address the most significant challenges in AAV gene therapy: tissue tropism, potency, neutralizing antibodies, cross-species translatability, manufacturability, and COGS. The event featured presentations from our team describing our current capabilities in three domains.

  • Capsid Engineering. Ginkgo can engineer AAV capsids to enhance potency, reduce off-target and neutralizing antibody binding, improve manufacturability, and improve tissue tropism and cell-type specificity.
  • Payload Engineering. High-performance therapeutics benefit from fine-tuned promoters, tissue-specific regulatory elements, and engineered structural elements like ITRs. Ginkgo can explore large sequence design spaces and characterize performance with pooled screening, including directly in animal models.
  • AAV Manufacturability. For gene therapies to reach patients, they need to be manufactured at scale. Ginkgo can improve your gene therapies’ manufacturability with high expression production vectors, high performance cell lines, or by bringing our gene editing tools to the production cell lines that you already use.

The STRIVE Platform Comes to the Foundry

In April of 2023, Ginkgo announced the acquisition of StrideBio. StrideBio’s STRIVE platform includes a set of mature and validated AAV capsids with extensive testing in large animal models. Data for two of these AAV capsids were presented during the event.

  • STRV 5 targets the tissues of the CNS. It has been extensively vetted for its biodistribution and expression in mice, pigs, and NHPs. It was selected for its cell-type specificity, liver de-targeting character, and manufacturability.
  • STRV47 is a pan-tropic capsid with enhanced potency. It was developed through cross-species evolution in Pigs, Mice, and NHPs and enrichment of AAV sequences found across the brain and spinal cord.

The variants of these capsids similarly exhibit a wide range of diversity in their tissue tropism, with capsids targeted to the CNS, heart, muscle, liver, lungs, and even to T-cells.

In Ginkgo’s Foundry, these proprietary capsid technologies are only the beginning. Our extensive capacity for high-throughput engineering of proteins and regulatory elements can enable the ambitions of our partners across the gene therapy space. The event presented several ways in which Ginkgo’s large datasets and scalable automation can make our partners’ AAV therapeutics easier to engineer.

What can Ginkgo AAV Services do for you?

Ginkgo’s customers can access our capsid offering through either a licensing or a partnership model. Our pre-validated capsids with proven performance in large animal models are immediately available for license.

For customers with more bespoke needs, we offer research collaborations to develop novel capsids tailored to your requirements. Unlock the power of the Foundry to leverage our large capsid libraries, our deep expertise in capsid design, and our extensive automation infrastructure for your R&D projects.

Watch the Event

A recording of the Virtual Event, AAV Services, is available here.


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