Our Work

The Organism Company

We’re building the leading platform for cell programming.

At Ginkgo, we see the potential for biology to transform all industries.

Working with our partners and growing ecosystem, we design custom organisms that bring new products to life for countless applications.

Strain improvement

Evolving Microbial Metabolism with Automated Laboratory Evolution

Automated Laboratory Evolution rewires E. coli central metabolism to optimize conversion of agricultural waste to plastic precursors

Strain improvement

Ultra High Throughput Screening to Push Protein Production Titers to the Max

Ginkgo’s plate-free, screening technology, Encaps, can unlock your strain’s commercial value


Supporting the Vaccine Supply Chain

What if synthetic biology could optimize the manufacture of next-generation vaccines?


Engineering Living Medicines

What if medicines could sense and respond to health conditions directly in your gut?

Cronos Group

Unlocking New Potential in Cannabinoids

Cultured ingredients offer a more accessible and sustainable way to produce an array of important products across industries.