MassBioEd Apprenticeship Program

Ginkgo is thrilled to be an Apprenticeship Employer for the MassBioEd Life Sciences Apprenticeship Program, which provides an invaluable pathway into the life sciences for individuals who otherwise lack a pathway to entry. This accelerated 16-month program provides a path for individuals from historically marginalized communities by providing four months of free, stipended classroom and laboratory education by MassBioEd and Northeastern University followed by one year of paid on-the-job training. Ginkgo has hired six apprentices in the 2022 cohort, who will start their work in the Fall. If you’re interested in being part of future classes, apply here.

MassBioEd Apprenticeship
2022 Cohort of MassBioEd’s Life Science Apprenticeship Program. Photo courtesy of MassBioEd

Alyson Grine Growth Team MBA Associate

“Since starting my career I have been passionate about leveraging business to advance social good and sustainability. These interests led me to pursue an MBA at the University of Michigan Ross, where I have been reflecting on how to create lasting positive impact, practicing the skills of being an empathetic leader, and exploring design thinking methodologies. I was so excited to join Ginkgo for the summer as an intern on the Commercial Growth team because it represented the opportunity to combine my interests and skills, with a little added whimsy! This summer I have been primarily working with the Agriculture BD team as they look for opportunities to design repeatable product sets.”

Alyson Grine, Commercial Cell Engineering MBA Intern, Growth Team, Commercial Cell Engineering division




Samip Dhakal People Team Intern

“I am a rising senior at Clark University. I was the People Team intern for summer 2022 and had a rotational position that exposed me to various roles and aspects within the People Team.
I chose Ginkgo because of their whimsy culture and their simple mission to make biology easier to engineer. From hilarious slack emojis to dinosaur memes, I made a lot of funny memories during my time. I loved the fact that I could approach anyone and get to know them at Ginkgo. The employees are whimsy and the work environment is welcoming and supportive.”

Samip Dhakal, People Team Intern




Yasmine Karni Software Engineering Intern

“I work on the Decepticons team in the Software department at Ginkgo. My project this summer was to create a new Organick step for the cre lox operation, which is a way to recombine DNA. I chose to work at Ginkgo because I believe the cross section between biology and technology is fascinating, and wanted to be able to contribute, learn, and grow here! Working at Ginkgo has been a wonderful experience, which in large part has to do with the people I get to work with. I love all the pop culture references and all the events Ginkgo has for the interns and employees!”

Yasmine Karni, Software Engineering Intern, Digital Tech Division




Ariel Fuchs Software Engineering Intern

Ariel Fuchs

“As a computer science and brain and cognitive science major at MIT, I was excited to contribute to Ginkgo’s ambitious scientific endeavors in health and sustainability. I interned as a full stack software engineer on the Impressionists team, where I was able to expand my technical skill set as well as explore how an innovative biotech firm operates. Ginkgo is made up of amazing people and I have truly enjoyed every part of my internship!”

Ariel Fuchs, Software Engineering Intern, Digital Tech Division




New events and new faces

We are looking forward to an exciting and busy year for Ginkgo and we wish you the same. The Ginkgo team is speaking at a number of events in the coming months – keep an eye on our news page for more details.

images.jpegWe are also delighted to announce the first annual recipient of the Ginkgo BioWorks undergraduate fellowship, Matt Gethers (MIT, ’09). Matt, a Biological Engineering major and accomplished fencer, will be interning with us for the next few months as we develop some new DNA assembly technologies. Matt is the recipient of numerous other less prestigious awards, including a 2009 Rhodes Scholarship. Great to have you around Matt!