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Whether you’re looking for a biocatalyst to replace a chemical synthesis step, looking to improve your enzyme’s function, or aiming to lower your manufacturing costs, Ginkgo’s best-in-class capabilities empower your enzyme R&D.

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From computational design to novel enzyme discovery to commercial scale-up, Ginkgo’s services enable the discovery, optimization, and production of enzymes for diverse applications.

Leverage our advanced machine learning tools, ultra high throughput automation, and proprietary bacterial and fungal production hosts to search through the vastness of biological design space to discover novel enzyme activities, optimize enzyme function, improve expression, and scale up manufacturing processes for enzyme production.

How can we help you?

Discover New Enzymes

Discover New Enzymes

• Discover novel enzyme activity and identify starting points for further protein engineering by drawing from our incredibly broad database of proprietary and public genomic sequences

• Mine genome databases using our in-house computational tools to identify thousands of potential hits

• Leverage metagenomic screens to design around existing IP that would otherwise block your development

• Screen candidates using advanced ultra high throughput screening methods to identify unique enzymes with your desired activity

Optimize Enzyme Function & Stability

Optimize Enzyme Function & Stability

• Use a broad and constantly expanding toolkit of evolutionary, computational, and rational protein engineering approaches to iteratively improve catalytic activity, enzyme stability, specificity, and expression

• Ultra high throughput assay data empowers supervised machine learning to dramatically improve enzyme function

Access Best-in-Class Production Hosts for Robust Expression

Access Best-in-Class Production Hosts for Robust Expression

• Express your enzyme in our proprietary bacterial and fungal hosts optimized for protein production, including next-generation methanol-free Pichia pastoris and low viscosity Aspergillus niger

• Leverage our deep strain engineering expertise to optimize enzyme expression in our high expression host strains, tailored to support optimal expression of your enzyme to reduce your production costs

Develop an Optimized Fermentation Process

Develop an Optimized Fermentation Process

• Automated design of experiments at lab scale using our fleet of hundreds of Ambr® 250 bioreactors to quickly develop fermentation processes, with a proven record of transferring to commercial scale

Scale Up Manufacturing, Process Development & Tech Transfer

Scale Up Manufacturing, Process Development & Tech Transfer

• Perform pilot scale fermentation in one of our facilities with nameplate capacities up to 3,000L

• Optimize downstream processing and purification methods

• Tech transfer to other manufacturing partners, including GMP production

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