High Throughput Strain Improvement


Several of our partners, including Ajinomoto and Cargill, are already worldwide leaders in bioindustrial fermentation. We work with these companies to improve the efficiency of the microbial strains that power their processes.

Project Permian Image

Project Permian

Phase I of project Permian sought to improve an industrial fermentation strain by engineering a key enzyme pathway into the genome of the organism. Over the course of ten months, the Ginkgo team designed and tested more than 1700 rationally engineered plasmids, accounting for 2,400,000 base pairs of synthetic DNA produced by Twist Bioscience and our BIOFAB.

The Foundry Image

The Foundry

During the ten month project, organism engineers used Bioworks1 to screen 21,000 evolved enzyme variants, test 53,242 LC-MS injections from 11,456 samples collected from 141 experiments. As the foundry grows, Ginkgo’s engineers can do many more experiments in the same amount of time, scaling capacity to more quickly deliver results for our customers.

Phase II Image

Phase II

New foundry tools are scaling up what is possible by scaling down the size of each fermentation experiment, enabling organism engineers to automate strain construction at high throughput and to screen up to 4000 different strains at a time.

Automation in Ginkgo’s foundries is helping make the powerhouse strains of bioindustrial fermentation more efficient and their processes more sustainable.