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What if we could grow everything?

Nature offers tantalizing examples of the magical properties of biology—self-assembly, self-repair, self-replication and more. But perhaps the most astonishing feature of biology is that it runs on digital code in the form of DNA, which makes it possible for us to imagine building such living machines. The code is made up of A’s, T’s ,C’s, and G’s, and we can read and write it to program cells like we program computers. If you’re passionate about engineering with biology, please join us!

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Our Areas of Expertise

Strain Improvement

Where fermentation is already used in bioindustrial applications, organism engineering can improve efficiency and sustainability of existing strains.

Enzyme Discovery

Enzymes are used in applications from cheesemaking to pharmaceuticals to stonewashed jeans. We’re discovering better enzymes for more applications.

New Product Development

We’re using yeast to produce cultured ingredients at scale not currently in a company portfolio, or that are sourced from expensive, unpredictable plant-based supply chains.


Making biology easier to engineer means we also have to make biology safer to engineer, too. We’re helping to develop software, diagnostics, vaccines, and other therapeutics against emerging threats and challenges, like COVID-19.

Mammalian Cell Engineering

We’re building a high-throughput process for the engineering of mammalian cell genomes, enabling a wide range of industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

“The interesting thing to program in the 21st century isn’t going to be computers — it’s biology.” – Tom Knight

Our Founders

Jason Kelly


Reshma Shetty


Barry Canton


Austin Che


Tom Knight


Move Over, Jony Ive—Biologists Are the Next Rock Star Designers.


With help from software-directed robots, 10 technicians in [Ginkgo’s] factory can equal the output of 50 to 100 scientists working by hand at a bench.

The Wall Street Journal

Producing rose oil from yeast sounds like something from a sci-fi novel.


Custom-crafted organisms? Yep, designed and produced in a lab that overlooks Boston Harbor.

The Boston Globe