Our Platform

Organism Engineering at Scale

We’re making biology easier to engineer.

We believe that biology is the best manufacturing technology on the planet.

But engineering living cells is hard–evolution is four billion years ahead of us, after all. At Ginkgo we’ve built our foundries and codebase so that we can better learn from and design with biology.

Our Foundries

Foundries Are Ginkgo’s Biological Factories

We are automating organism design.

In biological engineering, living organisms are the factories that build new products.

Designing the best organisms requires a different sort of factory, one where the best tools in automation, analytics, and software all work in sync. The Bioworks foundries are automating and scaling the process of organism engineering, allowing engineers to prototype thousands of biological designs.

Engineering Made Simple

Integrated software and automated tools allow for scaling up our process while scaling down costs

State of the Art Technology

The enabling tools for biotechnology are rapidly evolving. Our foundries leverage the best of DNA synthesis, laboratory automation, and high performance analytics.

Thousands of Biological Designs

The foundries allow organism designers to build and test many prototype enzyme pathways to hone in on the most effective design.


Foundries are Ginkgo’s biological factories.

Codebase is Ginkgo’s biological portfolio.

Our Codebase

Codebase Is Ginkgo’s Biological Portfolio

We are learning from biodiversity.

Our foundries design, build, and test organisms at a massive scale, and our codebase has grown with them.

Just as modern software engineers draw on existing libraries of code to write new programs, our organism engineers start from our growing codebase of cells, enzymes, and genetic programs to jumpstart new projects, driving new discoveries across different industries.

Embracing Biodiversity

The natural world has been evolving new chemistries for over four billion years. We’re exploring and expanding the metabolic map, finding new pathways to sustainable products.

From Sequence to Function

Sequencing is just the beginning. We’re constantly testing and redesigning enzymes that aren’t found in textbooks, uncovering solutions where others can’t.

Learning From Data

Machine learning needs more than just data – it needs the right data to glean meaningful insights from biology. Our foundry – codebase feedback loop is unlocking new biological knowledge.