A foundry for designing living cells

In biological engineering, living organisms are the factories that build new products. Designing the best organisms requires a different sort of factory, one where the best tools in automation, analytics, and software can all work in sync. The Bioworks foundries are automating and scaling the process of organism design, allowing engineers to prototype thousands of biological designs.

Engineering Made Simple

Integrated software and automation tools allow for scaling up our process while scaling down costs.

State of the art Technology

The enabling tools for biotechnology are rapidly evolving. Our foundries leverage the best of DNA synthesis, laboratory automation, and high performance analytics.

Thousands of Biological Designs

The foundries allow organism designers to build and test many prototype enzyme pathways to hone in on the most effective design.
1000sof designs per organism

>1billion basepairs of DNA


The world’s first organism foundry


The foundry automates every step of strain engineering, from molecular biology, high throughput analytics, and small scale fermentation. We opened Bioworks1 in early 2015 and are constantly improving our capacity and scale. Powered by the foundry, our organism engineers can build and test thousands of new prototypes for each project.

The New Expanded


Twice as big and offering a 6X increase in throughput, Bioworks2 is an expansion and evolution of our foundry technology. As processes become miniaturized and more integrated, the foundry can build more strains faster and at lower cost. Bioworks2 holds Ginkgo's Test platform, able to rapidly analyze engineered strains at a systems level and high throughput.

Growing our BIOFAB


Bioworks3 is home to Ginkgo's DNA synthesis BIOFAB and the Build platform, synthesizing and assembling designed genes and pathways.

A foundry for mammalian cells


Bioworks4 expands Ginkgo's capabilities in engineering mammalian cells, which are essential for the discovery, development, and manufacturing of therapeutics.