Developer Workshops

Join us for a developer workshop and let’s build the next generation of biotech together!

We’ve assembled a world-class platform for generating biological data. Now, we want to show you how to use it. Register now for early access to the developer workshop series.

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The Ginkgo foundry is an expansive facility dedicated to making biology easier to engineer. But we don’t use it to develop our own therapeutics or our own biological products. Instead, we deliver R&D projects exclusively for partners across the biotech and biopharma landscape. The internal organization of the foundry makes this possible: flexibility for a wide range of applications and scale to support hundreds of projects.

When Ginkgo organism engineers design projects, they build using foundry services. Service-oriented thinking abstracts away the details of each operation, freeing developers to build more complex projects. Each service makes use of an established capability, ensuring the optimal use of the foundry’s automation infrastructure.

In the developer workshops, we want to open up Ginkgo’s capabilities and see what you can build with them.

Learn to build with foundry services

In the Ginkgo foundry, the core operations of traditional wet-lab biology are restructured as a collection of foundry services. Foundry services simplify the R&D design process while aligning it with our powerful in-house capabilities.

Flexible functions. Services compose highly standardized operations like DNA assembly, transformation, cell-based assays, etc. that are useful for many projects.

Scalable capacity. Each service makes use of automation infrastructure that can be scaled independently to meet demand, enabling large datasets with low set-up times.

Callable and composable. Services have well defined inputs and outputs, allowing them to be strung together into larger projects.

Design your dream AI dataset

The Ginkgo foundry offers extensive data resources and data-generating capabilities suitable for building AI-ready datasets.

Multimodal. Combine data from sequencing, omics, cell-based assays, pooled screening, single-cell data and more.

Interoperable. Because the foundry is a single integrated facility.

Data-in, Data-out. Generate data for model training without needing to build out your own lab.

Rapid prototyping. For smaller datasets, use Foundry On Demand to call a single service.

Register now for early access to the developer workshop series


  • The developer workshop series is organized by Jake Wintermute, PhD, host of the Foundry Theory video series.
  • Individual workshops will feature tech leaders from Ginkgo with hands-on experience building with foundry services.



  • Because space is limited, workshops in 2024 will be by invitation only.
  • Sign up now for early access and someone from our team will reach out to organize your workshop.