Ginkgo Publishes Inaugural Sustainability Report

Today, we are happy to share Ginkgo’s inaugural sustainability report, Caring at Ginkgo.

At Ginkgo, we believe our platform can play an important role in addressing some of the major societal and environmental challenges that we face today.

Further “caring how our platform is used” has always been a key lens through which we consider the choices we make as we grow our business, and, since 2020, has been an explicit part of our company-wide goal-setting framework. When we went public last year, we declared that “ESG is in our DNA.”

Accordingly, over the past year, the Ginkgo ESG Working Group has worked across the Ginkgo ecosystem and with key external stakeholders to produce this first report and to position ourselves for routine reporting moving forward.

Our inaugural sustainability report is organized across three themes:

  • The Impact of Cell Programming (“Environmental”)
  • Technology Isn’t Neutral (“Social”)
  • Ownership Is the First Step in Caring (“Governance”)

Read the full report here.

We all know that today’s ‘ESG’ reporting systems are far from perfect. Nonetheless, we are proud to have built out a first-class team that has strived to maintain an authentic, “first principles” approach to ESG reporting. Our inaugural report is guided by key ESG frameworks and standards (e.g., the Global Reporting Initiative and Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics), as well as a third-party led materiality assessment.

We look forward to sharing our progress and continuing the conversation about the impacts and implications of synthetic biology.

If you have comments on our report, or if you would like to chat more, please email [email protected]. In the meantime, thank you for being a part of this ongoing conversation, because a future where we can grow everything requires care, transparency, and many voices.

Find our full press release here along with all of the latest news from the Ginkgo team.

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