Upcoming Presentation at American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy

Today we are pleased to announce our participation in the 26th American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) Annual Meeting, May 16-20, in Los Angeles.

We will present data on our high-throughput screening platform for chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) libraries, which can enable discovery of CAR variants with desired characteristics. This capability has the potential to discover CAR-T therapeutic candidates that are effective against solid tumors.

We are harnessing our ability to generate massive libraries of unique CAR designs with different signaling domains, which can then be screened in an assay that mimics a solid tumor environment. In head-to-head tests of these designs, we are identifying a number of designs that show improved performance compared to designs with standard signaling domains.

We’re excited to present this data to the ASGCT community, especially as this flexible platform is available to partners and can also be used for other applications like natural killer cells.

We recently announced the launch of Ginkgo Cell Therapy Services at our annual Ferment conference.

These services empower customers with massively parallel testing of genetic designs, allowing them to leverage vast biological diversity to improve their products. Our ultra high throughput mammalian cell engineering foundry is well suited to address many outstanding problems in cell therapy, including CAR-T. We are actively developing high throughput platforms to enhance CAR efficacy and safety by exploring novel construct designs and incorporating synthetic regulatory elements like inducible promoters. In addition to CAR optimization, Cell Therapy Services include immune cell armoring, synthetic promoters, immune cloaking and novel gene editing tools.

You can learn more at Ginkgo’s Cell Therapy Services Virtual Event on May 31. Register here.

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