Gene Therapy Services at Ginkgo

James Smith, PhD, Senior Mammalian Engineer  shares an overview of how Ginkgo’s services can help those innovating in gene therapies for greater efficacy, specificity, and manufacturability. 

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Advances in synthetic biology are changing the way diseases are treated

That’s why, for the past four years, we’ve built out our platform capabilities for therapeutics.

Synthetic biology is transforming lives through AAV therapy

Jack Hogan, who had hereditary blindness, received a single AAV treatment to deliver the corrected form of a gene. He was able to ride his bike at night within three weeks. Synthetic biology has the potential to improve and transform lives, one person at a time.

At Ginkgo, our mission is to make biology easier to engineer, so we can help companies improve the efficacy, safety, and accessibility of these medicines.

Tap into our AAV engineering capabilities

With our acquisition of StrideBio, we now have access to an unprecedented depth of data around the structure function relationship of the AAV capsid. The addition of StrideBio’s structure-guided AAV engineering assets combined with our already extensive high-throughput screening capabilities will allow Ginkgo to elevate capsid structural and functional engineering.

Ginkgo Gene Therapy Services

We are a unique one-stop shop, capable of providing R&D services for gene therapy manufacturing across capsid, payload, and cell line optimization. We believe we have the potential to revolutionize gene therapy space by overcoming the challenges associated with pre-existing immunity, tissue tropism, and manufacturability.

Where we stand out

De-risk clinical development:

  • Our libraries are evolved through multiple animal species via a cross-species method. This is to enrich for cross-species compatibility, and can help de-risk clinical development.

Access three tiers of capsids:

  • Our capsids (from our StrideBio acquisition) are currently divided into three tiers of development. 
    • Tier one includes fully developed capsids with extensive data.
    • Tier two capsids have entered the first stages of testing in mice and in vitro models and have demonstrated differentiated profiles.
    • Tier three is made up of capsid libraries and pre-existing evolutionary tissues from StrideBio’s programs. These are ready to deploy for new targets, mine for promising capsid candidates, and to feed Ginkgo’s future capsid engineering.

Refine existing capsids with our unprecedented depth of data:

  • With the acquisition of Stride Bio, we now have access to an unprecedented depth of data around the structure function relationship of the AAV capsid.
  • Our institutional capacity for machine learning and automated high throughput screening will allow us to pursue and build upon the assets from StrideBio.

Leverage our services across all stages of the drug development pipeline

Our world-class synthetic biology platform combines computational design and ultra high throughput genetic engineering and screening. That’s paired with our expertise in process development and manufacturing scale-up.

  • Engineer viral capsids to develop gene therapies with enhanced tropism, reduced immunogenicity, and improved transduction efficiency
  • Engineer payloads with custom regulatory elements and inverted terminal repeats (ITRs) to improve efficiency and efficacy
  • Design and optimize more productive cell lines and processes for efficient gene therapy production

Ginkgo helps your R&D team develop more effective therapeutics and solve your greatest drug development challenges.

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