Acquiring Proof Diagnostics to Grow Gene Editing Service Offerings for Customers

Today, we’re pleased to announce the acquisition of Proof Diagnostics, an innovative life sciences tools, diagnostics and computational discovery company which uncovered genome engineering tools for both therapeutic and diagnostics applications while developing a smart, portable system for the detection of infectious and other diseases.

Proof was founded by gene editing pioneer Dr. Feng Zhang of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Drs. Omar Abudayyeh and Jonathan Gootenberg of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, and Sid Shenai to develop a low cost, rapid, easy-to-use, and sensitive diagnostic system – for SARS-CoV-2, Flu A/B, RSV and other diseases, including oncology – using CRISPR-based and other technologies. Proof’s libraries of OMEGA (Obligate Mobile Element Guided Activity) RNA programmable, non-Cas enzymes and associated intellectual property are the key focus of Ginkgo’s acquisition.

Gene editing systems have revolutionized the therapeutics industry, enabling a vast array of potential programmable medicines. The emerging class of OMEGAs represents an exciting potential expansion of the current tools most commonly used in genomic medicines. OMEGAs are significantly smaller and more diverse and robust than many other classes of programmable nucleases, which makes them easier to deliver to cells and opens up new therapeutic approaches. Ginkgo is primarily using Proof’s OMEGA libraries to bolster its Gene Therapy Services, providing its customers another tool to more easily edit genes and build the next generation of therapies.

Ginkgo has years of experience leveraging its platform-driven approach to contribute to the gene editing sector’s fast-moving evolution. Its current partnership with Arbor Biotechnologies is working to advance the development of precision gene editors. Last year, Ginkgo announced the acquisition of StrideBio’s adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsid discovery and engineering platform. StrideBio’s capabilities are being integrated into Ginkgo’s end-to-end AAV gene therapy development platform. Through this, Ginkgo’s customers can leverage these new tools to better target and improve the safety profile of their future gene therapies.

“Ginkgo is committed to building world-class capabilities in engineering genetic medicines. Integrating Proof’s technologies and libraries gives our customers a new tool to overcome the limitations of current gene editing systems. We don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all approach to biology.  Biology is complex and that complexity demands a wide array of tools and approaches – we are proud to be building that toolbox at Ginkgo.”

Jason Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Ginkgo Bioworks

“We are excited for Ginkgo to integrate Proof’s OMEGA nuclease and related technologies into its genetic medicines programs. These enzymes are more compact and diverse than other classes of programmable nucleases – including CRISPR Cas – and are a powerful addition to the gene editing toolkit for therapeutics. The entire Proof team has admired Ginkgo’s progress for many years and is confident that the team at Ginkgo is uniquely well-suited to advance the full scope of Proof’s technologies to serve customers and patients worldwide.”

Sid Shenai, CEO and co-founder of Proof Diagnostics

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