Accelerating Industrial Adoption of High-Performance Biomaterials with Cambium

We help companies across industries use synthetic biology to produce better, more sustainable products. Product developers are looking for sustainable alternatives to petrochemical-based materials while also looking to achieve unmet performance needs. Biomaterials can offer an answer to both of these needs; that’s why we’re excited about our new partnership with Cambium Biomaterials as they grow and bring next-gen biomaterials to market.

Cambium is redefining products by creating high-performance biomaterials that deliver step changes in performance and sustainability to industries as diverse as aerospace and renewable energy.

Cambium will leverage Ginkgo’s Codebase and high-throughput facility to accelerate their discovery, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of biomaterials that deliver superior performance and sustainability across a range of industries.

The initial cell programs will focus on materials that provide enhanced heat, flame, laser, and sensor protection.

Cambium designs new functional biomaterials and composites for use in diverse and extreme environments. They’ll work with Ginkgo to explore a diverse set of bio-based molecules and develop a library of bio-building blocks to support the manufacture of innovative biomaterial end products.

By enabling the design of organisms that can produce valuable biological products, Ginkgo helps accelerate the development of innovative, bio-based solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. This partnership deepens Ginkgo’s involvement in the biomaterials space following the launch of recent cell programs with other leading biomaterials companies.

Simon Waddington, CEO and co-founder at Cambium, shared: “We are excited to work with Ginkgo to not only expand the universe of these materials but also explore how to make them biologically. We expect this partnership to grow our pipeline and accelerate our commercialization timeline.”

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