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Ginkgo Ferment 2023, Platform Presentation on RNA Therapeutics:

Shawdee Eshghi, PhD, Senior Director of Mammalian Engineering shares an overview of how Ginkgo’s services can help those innovating in RNA Therapeutics for greater efficacy, specificity, and manufacturability.

Watch the presentation here or read below for a summary.

Ginkgo is your cell engineering partner

From small molecule discovery and manufacturing to biologics, cell and gene therapy, RNA therapeutics and vaccines, and beyond. Our services help enable discovery, optimization, and scale up for a wide range of therapeutics modalities.

Momentum is building in the clinic for RNA therapeutics

Future clinical care of human diseases will likely include promising RNA therapeutics.

Ginkgo explores untapped biological diversity through ultra high-throughput genetic design, integrated data analytics, and model building. This approach has allowed us to explore different therapeutic modalities, including RNA therapeutics.

Circular RNA technologies

We’re exploring the potential of circular RNA to improve programmability, stability, durability, and other properties. In a recent study, the extended-expression time of different circular RNA designs made at Ginkgo was compared to traditional linear capped mRNA. The results showed that circular RNA has a longer expression time.

Through our recent acquisition of Circularis, Ginkgo is uniquely positioned to enable new solutions in these areas with circRNA. CircRNAs represent an emerging, powerful mechanism for delivering therapeutics and vaccines, in part due to their protein-coding potential and improved stability compared to their linear mRNA counterparts.

We are also developing our own circular RNA platform, which is currently achieving over 80% purity – a high bar for advanced therapeutics.

Novel mRNA technologies

We recently signed a partnership with Sensible Biotechnologies for a novel mRNA manufacturing technology. As we deepen our commitment to the emerging field of nucleic acid therapeutics, we are excited to work with the team at Sensible Biotechnologies to optimize their microbial mRNA production platform with the goal of unleashing a new generation of mRNA products.

We’re thrilled to use our platform to further enable advancements in the therapeutics space – a core area of our work. 

You, too, can leverage our services:

  • Utilize proprietary assays and ultra high-throughput screening to optimize the activity and stability of linear and circular RNA for enhanced function and tissue-specific expression and manufacture candidates in quantities ready for animal studies
  • Optimize the activity and production of enzyme reagents used in RNA manufacturing and in vitro translation
  • Explore the vast sequence space of RNA to optimize RNA translation into proteins and explore how it differs in different cell types and with different payloads
  • Increase plasmid titer and optimize downstream processing yield to reduce manufacturing costs


Ginkgo helps your R&D team develop more effective therapeutics and solve your greatest drug development challenges. Find out more about our biopharmaceutical services today!

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