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Ginkgo Ferment 2023, Platform Presentation on Cell Therapy Services:

Shawdee Eshghi, PhD, Senior Director of Mammalian Engineering shares an overview of Ginkgo’s ability to help customers program new medicines. Our services represent a significant step forward in the development of cancer treatments and we believe we can increase CAR-T’s effectiveness due to our large-scale testing capabilities and ability to read and write DNA.

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Synthetic biology can transform lives:

The CAR-T revolution enabled a toddler named Emily Whitehead, who had failed multiple lines of therapy, to receive reprogrammed cells that attacked her cancer. Emily is now thriving as a teenager and living the life every parent wants for their child. This remarkable demonstration is why we at Ginkgo are dedicated to helping companies increase the effectiveness of CAR-Ts.

At Ginkgo, we’ve created 10,000 unique CAR-T designs using large DNA libraries and cost-effective sequencing — all differing in their inside signaling parts. We insert these designs into T-cells and test them in an assay which mimics solid tumors. Each design has a DNA barcode, which enables us to use our sequencing capability to read the effects of all 10,000 designs. A head-to-head comparison with existing FDA designs shows that our designs are meaningfully better.

Dramatically expand the variety and functionality of CAR domains:

Our partners can discover and optimize next generation therapeutic candidates by leveraging our full stack of mammalian cell engineering expertise and capabilities that enables high throughput screening of CAR-T cells.

In a typical Ginkgo experiment, we can:

  • Combine 10,000 different signaling domains with various CAR binders of different affinities
  • Test them in T-cells from different donors against multiple tumor cell lines with a high replication factor
  • Run 720,000 unique tests in one experiment, which allows our team to significantly improve the function of the CAR-T therapies

What our full stack of mammalian cell engineering expertise and capabilities can do for you:

  • Design and screen large pooled combinatorial libraries of CAR domains to find the most effective design for improved persistence
  • Develop and optimize synthetic inducible promoters for expression and targeting of CAR therapies
  • Optimize construction of CAR-T, CAR-NK, and other cell types with iPSC genomic safe harbors
  • Use our platform to reduce the screening process to practice. Partners can simply repeat the process and obtain new results within a short period of time.

Future modalities of CAR-T:

We’ve built a suite of services that not only address autologous CAR-T, but also the future modalities of CAR-T, including allogeneic treatments.

We are also mining for novel gene editors from our proprietary metagenomic databases. We then screen them in relevant cell types, while taking a new approach to immune cloaking. This involves hiding transplanted cells from the immune system to prolong their function.

Ginkgo’s services can help your R&D team develop more effective therapeutics and solve your greatest drug development challenges.

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