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Ginkgo’s services empower customers across all stages of the drug development pipeline, from discovery through manufacturing. Our world-class synthetic biology platform combines computational design and ultra high throughput genetic engineering and screening with expertise in process development and manufacturing scale-up. Ginkgo helps your R&D team develop more effective therapeutics and solve your greatest drug development challenges.

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From small molecule discovery and manufacturing to biologics, cell & gene therapy, RNA therapeutics and vaccines, and beyond, Ginkgo is your cell engineering partner. Our services enable discovery, optimization, and scale up for a wide range of therapeutics modalities. See below for a selection of our application areas and case studies.

Select Application Areas

Biocatalysis & Biosynthesis for API Manufacturing

Biocatalysis & Biosynthesis for API Manufacturing

• Discover and optimize the activity, function, and manufacturing of enzymes to replace chemical synthesis steps

• Leverage our metabolic engineering expertise to create sustainable production processes and supply chains for small molecule medicines via fermentation

• Engineer production host organisms to optimize manufacturing processes

RNA Therapeutics & Vaccines

RNA Therapeutics & Vaccines

• Utilize proprietary assays and ultra high throughput screening to optimize the activity and stability of linear and circular RNA for enhanced function and tissue-specific expression and manufacture candidates in quantities ready for animal studies

• Optimize the activity and production of enzyme reagents used in RNA manufacturing and in vitro translation

• Increase plasmid titer and optimize downstream processing yield to reduce manufacturing costs

Cell Therapies

Cell Therapies

• Design and screen large pooled combinatorial libraries of CAR domains to find the most effective design for improved persistence

• Develop and optimize synthetic inducible promoters for expression and targeting of CAR therapies

• Optimize construction of CAR-T, CAR-NK, and other cell types with iPSC genomic safe harbors

Gene Therapies

Gene Therapies

• Engineer viral capsids to develop gene therapies with enhanced tropism, reduced immunogenicity, and improved transduction efficiency

• Engineer payloads with custom regulatory elements and inverted terminal repeats (ITRs) to improve efficiency and efficacy

• Design and optimize more productive cell lines and processes for efficient gene therapy production

Biologics Discovery & Manufacturing

Biologics Discovery & Manufacturing

• Design novel therapeutic proteins with high throughput assays for function and manufacturability

• Optimize protein expression in microbial host cells for reduced manufacturing costs



• Use high throughput characterization to identify key gut microbiome strains and their modes of action

• Develop living medicines through metabolic engineering and enzyme optimization

• Create more effective microbiome therapies using ultra high throughput screening to evaluate impact of microbiome produced small molecules on immune system

And more…

And more…

• Discover natural products and gene editing systems using genome mining of proprietary sequence databases

• Develop new modalities

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