Growing Ginkgo’s Platform with Digital Technology


Digital Technology is the driving force behind Ginkgo’s platform. Our technology is guided by a passion for making biology easier to engineer. To grow the platform, our Software, Data, DevOps and Product teams utilize advanced technologies to solve novel challenges at the cutting edge of computer science and biology.

Putting the Tech in Biotech Image

Putting the Tech in Biotech

Ginkgo Digital Technology builds software systems that generate, process, and store huge amounts of experimental data – scales never before seen in the world of biology. We streamline the process for generating this data by building design decision support interfaces that abstract complex biological processes into simple and intuitive interactions. To build this platform, we must continually innovate, grow, and adapt to meet the evolving needs of Ginkgo’s platform.

Playing with the Best Tools Image

Playing with the Best Tools

Digital Technology leverages powerful tools that represent the cutting edge of computer science and product design. Every day, we play with technologies like AWS, React, Redux, Python, Django, Flask, Docker, Gitlab, and Cypress (to name a few). We encourage our Product, Software, and DevOps teams to experiment, have fun, and redefine what is possible to build.

Working for Digital Technology means working with the brightest minds in software and biology. Our team is constantly growing. So if you have a passion for building high impact, cutting edge tech, check us out!

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